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Undies with a Mission: The Story Behind Marc Skid

Everybody has their own life story to share with the world. Our stories make us who we are. They shape our futures and paint our pasts. So where did Marc Skid’s story begin?

Where it all started

Marc Skid’s story begins in an apartment where two friends were just hanging out while cracking open a few beers and sharing some good laughs. It isn’t a person, but an idea centered around making brands feel more like the people we love and respect in our own lives.


Imagine someone you look up to in your own life. What are they like? The two friends wanted to create a brand with a great sense of humor, unique personality, strong character and live with a purpose. Essentially, Marc Skid’s mission is to resemble just that.

How does Marc Skid give back?

The duo wanted to create a pair of undies that allows us to give back with every purchase. We are committed to donating $4 per pair to nine charities that help Feed the hungry, Cure the ill and Save our beautiful planet.


We didn’t just stop there either. At Marc Skid, we have two priorities- making sure your bum is comfy and saving the environment. Our undies don’t just look great, but they are also made from the finest eco-friendly cotton called Organic Pima Cotton. Even our wristbands are made from up-cycled water bottles.


Many brands can often feel like a one-way street, but our undies allows you to turn your passion for change into making your own Marc on the World.


Earth and the people that call it home need everyone’s help and fast. So how will you leave your Marc? We hope you’ll join our mission and leave one with us.


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