Why can’t I find my size or the style of underwear I prefer?

I apologize and ask for your patience and support. As a startup, and a self-financed one at that, I had to make a lot of decisions when I created the business plan for Marc Skid. I conducted a survey of my target consumers to gain a better understanding of the sizes people wore, what styles they preferred and what world issues concerned them the most. In a perfect world, I would’ve had the capacity to satisfy everyone’s needs and preferences. On the About page, I asked you to join me in breathing life into Marc Skid and guiding the future of the brand and mission. Together we can Make our Marc on the World. I mean that in every way, including quickly expanding Marc Skid’s offerings.

As a self-financed startup, how did you decide what to offer?

When I wrote the business plan, I conducted a survey through SurveyMonkey of my target consumers. I tried to make the best decisions possible with limited resources, but I’m not able to offer every size and style right now.

Enough of me talking, here’s a few of the results that guided my decisions. How many pairs of underwear do you own? I hope there’s at least one pair of Marc Skids in your drawer!

A recycled water bottle in every waistband, really?

Listen, I knew spending a little more to use Repreve was the right thing for Marc Skid. I cherish the world we’ve been given and believe we should do everything we can to protect it. In my opinion, spending time outdoors on this beautiful earth is one of the best medicines. Even just taking my dog out for a walk in the beautiful Atlanta weather this morning changed my whole outlook on the day!

As for how it works, I was never a very good science student, so I’ll let my friends at Repreve explain the process.

What’s so special about Organic Pima Cotton?

I always intended to use organic cotton; learning of the luxuriant characteristics of Pima led me to want this “cashmere of cotton” for my brand.

Conventional cotton ranks among the most polluting of the world’s crops: 25% of all insecticides and 10% of all pesticides are used to grow it.  Due to adaptation and resistance, control agents are routinely increased in power and amount.

By contrast, organic cotton is grown free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and defoliants. It’s also free of GMOs – contaminants so dangerous Peru bans them - and is always hand picked to minimize environmental impact and maximize quality.

The northern coastal valley of Peru offers near-perfect conditions to grow cotton, resulting in cotton boasting a silky and beautifully soft hand. While ordinary cotton fibers are 1/2”-3/4”in length, Peruvian pima fibers are 1-3/8” long, resulting in extraordinary softness, durability and resistance to pilling.

While Organic and Pima cotton separately are considered rare, it’s estimated that the amount of Organic Pima harvested annually is only about .0005% of all the world’s cotton. That’s true sustainable luxury -- and anything but common.

Who is Marc Skid?

Ah, my favorite question! You never really know what will inspire you as you journey through life. More than 20 years ago, one of my best friends and I were hanging out, enjoying some adult beverages, when our conversation drifted to the packaging of some underwear he’d just bought that sat there lying on the coffee table. The picture showed the “Zoolander – Steel Blue” look and magnificent 6-pack abs -- we laughed out loud about how nobody looks like that. We toasted the only 6-pack in the room, our beer.

We decided that clothing should have the same attributes we find endearing in people -- it should be humble, confident and easy going, but also purposeful and possess strong character. As our conversation continued, we discussed a preoccupation that both our mothers had with the condition of our underwear prior to our doctor visits as kids. So, Marc, with a touch of tongue in cheek humor,  is a brand striving to embody the qualities we appreciate in people. My belief is that you and I together can "Make our Marc on the World!”

How do I take care of my Marc Skid underwear?

Because it saves energy and is the gentlest approach, we recommend hand washing in cold water and hang drying. However, our care label instruction says to machine wash in cold water with like colors and tumble dry on low.

What size am I?

We have size charts available to help you with your selection. Marc Skid is true to size, but, like higher end brands, the cut is more form fitting. Click here to view the size chart.

Do you ship internationally?

Because our goal, with everyone’s help, is to Make our Marc on the World, we do ship to select international destinations. Visit the Shipping page to see what countries are currently included on this list. If your country is not on this list, feel free to make an inquiry to see if we can accommodate you.

My pair missed the marc. How can I return or exchange them?

Visit the returns and exchanges page here. You may also start the return process by clicking here.

Can I track my order?

Standard shipping on all Marc Skid orders is 1st Class through USPS. Since 1st Class shipping comes with a tracking number, you can follow the progress of your order from me to your doorstep. Once your package arrives, be sure to share about Making your Marc on the World on social media using the hashtag #mademymarc.

How can I get free shipping or a promo code?

Any order above $50 gets free standard shipping! Orders under $50 may receive free standard shipping at checkout by sharing the Marc you’re about to make with your friends on social media using the hashtag #mademymarc.

Who are the styles of undies named after?

On the About page, I stated my belief about brands, “The belief was -- then, and still is now -- that brands should be more like the people we love and respect. Brands should have the ability to laugh at themselves and own their personality, but display strong character and live with purpose.”

I hope you’ve been as fortunate as I, for I was blessed with parents who have not only loved me but also provided day in and day out lessons on collaboration and togetherness, and being active within one’s community. I doubt my parents ever envisioned having underwear named after them but I do what I want. Thus, Mom is honored with the Joan Bikini and Dad with the Philip Boxer Brief.

My Mom’s childhood best friend decided after high school to dedicate her life to helping others so she joined the Sisters of Notre Dame. Sister Laurinda’s calling took her to Honduras where she has served and educated the less fortunate for over 40 years. As a child, my earliest memories were of this nun coming by my home every few years to tell me about a foreign place. Sister Laurinda taught me the true meaning of selflessness. After I graduated from college, she was my hostess for the mission trips I made with my buddy Tim to Honduras. Now, if my parents never envisioned having a pair of underwear named after them, do you think Sister Laurinda would ever imagined having a Hipster carry her name? Ha, Ha!

The John Boxer is named after my dear friend who is also the brand’s co-creator. Yep, he was the one buying all that high-end underwear all those years ago.  John was the first friend I ever had for whom no subject was unapproachable and judgement didn’t exist. One thing I’ve always said about John is, “If everyone could see the world through John’s eyes, how wonderful it would be!”

I need to change something on my order. How can I do that?

Congrats on Making your Marc on the World! I understand that sometimes you need to change your order and I’m here to help. Please contact us at support@marcskid.com as quickly as possible. Once your order has been processed I’ll be unable to change or cancel your order.