• $4
  • of every pair purchased goes to one of our world-saving charities

World’s finest organic cotton underwear for sale:

What truly makes Marc Skid organic underwear unique — and superior to any other brand — isn’t that they’re made with organic cotton, but rather organic pima cotton!

It’s simple, if you want to give your wearers the most sustainable, luxurious and comfortable underwear in the world, start with the best fabric: organic pima cotton. We’d be humbled if you joined us in Making your Marc on the World with a pair or two of our organic cotton underwear. Making a Marc together begins with being “Made with the World and its people in mind.” It’s the character of the brand. Almost all the attributes below are unique for an underwear brand. When you buy organic cotton underwear from us, we want you to be proud of your choice and its positive impact both on the world and the industry!

Peruvian organically grown cotton: The creator of Marc Skid journeyed to the northern coastal valleys of Peru where the world’s finest cotton has been growing for almost 10,000 years. The rich, dark Peruvian soil and near perfect temperatures and moisture produce a silky, soft cotton that isn’t found anywhere else in the world -- a superior cotton to cradle and comfort your skin. Organically grown tells you that it was grown in an eco-friendly manner you can value and trust. Our organic cotton underwear is sourced from family farms that shun GMOs and toxic pesticides in favor of environmentally sound techniques including crop rotation, intercropping, hand or mechanical weeding, mulches and the use of beneficial insects that control harmful insects. Marc Skid offers the best in comfort along with ethical giving back in its uniquely superb organic cotton underwear.

Organic Pima Cotton: Often called “the cashmere of cotton,” Pima is the generic term for cotton boasting extra-long fibers. Ordinary cotton fibers are between ½” to ¾”; Pima is a luxuriously long 1-⅜ inches in length. As is true of any natural fiber, the longer and smoother the cotton fiber, the softer it is. Peruvian Pima cotton has special softness, durability, and resistance to pilling.

Folks, go ahead and check labels or google Organic Cotton Underwear made with Pima and discover for yourselves the unique qualities of the organic cotton underwear we sell! Pima cotton alone makes up less than 2 percent of the world’s cotton, and Organic Pima is even rarer. Indeed, Organic Pima cotton, the world’s very best, makes up only 0.0005% of the world’s cotton supply -- and only this most exclusively fine cotton is used to make Marc Skid underwear!

One recycled water bottle in each waistband: Each velvety smooth Marc Skid waistband is made with one recycled water bottle. It’s not magic -- water bottles are polyester. We spend the extra money to use REPREVE® -- polyester made from recycled water bottles -- because it is the right thing to do and we know you’ll appreciate and take pride in knowing that when you buy our organic cotton underwear, you have repurposed a water bottle and kept it out of a landfill. Marc Skid is the only underwear company putting recycled water bottles to this good use.

$4 per purchase goes to Save, Feed and Cure the World: For Marc Skid, it is important that donations be transparent and quantifiable. Unlike a percent, which could be ambiguous, $4 per purchase is unmistakably precise. Buy our organic cotton underwear and you, the consumer, can make the personal choice to either Save, Feed or Cure the World. You can decide which of our 4-star charitable partners will receive your donation. Here at Marc Skid we want to maximize your desire to Make your Marc on the World by getting your donation in the hands of effective and efficient charities, all of which have received a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s premier watchdog of charities. Empowering charities, the experts, in the fight to Save, Feed and Cure the World -- to make a Marc on our behalf!