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Save the World

Buying our BLUE organic cotton underwear gives $4 per pair to a charity focused on saving the world. The carbon dioxide levels in Earth’s atmosphere are currently higher than any point in the past 800,000 years — so we partner with charities dedicated to preserving the planet and all its wondrous life forms. Buy eco-friendly underwear today!

Cure the World

Each purchase of RED organic underwear gives $4 per pair to a charity focused on curing the world. We partner with charities battling a range of health conditions, from heart and respiratory diseases to cancer and AIDS. We cherish the opportunity to decrease preventable deaths. Buy ethical underwear today!

Feed the World

Buying our GREEN sustainable underwear gives $4 per pair to a charity that feeds the world. Because approximately 805 million people in the world suffer from chronic undernourishment, we aim to feed the hungry all over the planet. Buy the best organic underwear, made exclusively with Pima cotton, today!

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The Classic White

When the creator of Marc Skid was growing up, there was pretty much one choice for underwear: tighty whities. While we all celebrate today’s variety, what kind of underwear brand doesn’t offer what’s been dads’ go-to for years? The Classic White Organic Pima Cotton underwear allows Marc’s customers the ability to give back by choosing any of our charitable partners from the categories of Feed, Save or Cure the World. Choose white and decide for yourself how you want to Make your Marc on the World.


Our Charity Partners

All of the charities we donate to are ranked 4 out of 4 stars by Charity Navigator, America’s premier independent charity evaluator. Disclaimer: Marc Skid selected charities at launch based on ranking; MS will re-evaluate at 2018’s end. Charity Navigator ranks rotationally; there could be temporary disparities in MS selections.
These charitable organizations are merely the chosen recipients of Marc Skid’s charitable donations. These charitable organizations are not affiliated in any other way with Marc Skid, do not endorse the Marc Skid brand or products, and are in no way involved in the distribution, marketing, packaging, production, or promotion of Marc Skid products.

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