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Sustainable and chic: How it's possible to be both

Be honest: when you think about sustainability, fashion isn't the first thing that comes to mind, is it? You probably think about plastic and straws and grocery bags (ok, well at least I do). And then when you do think about sustainable fashion, does it conjure pictures of brown potato sack like items? (Just me again? Ok.)

But Natalie Smith, founder of Sustainably Chic is proving that notion all wrong. 

Picture this: it's 2011 and you're fed up with the waste and unethical treatment of people in the fashion industry. Your fashion studies courses touch on this and you're inspired to action. At first, you start to source more local food in your diet and stop shopping from stores who don't implement sustainable practices. 

That's where Natalie found herself when she started her blog, Sustainably Chic

At first, the blog was just a part-time gig. Something Natalie did in her spare time when she wasn't working retail. 

But after about two years, she knew it was time to go all in.

“I thought, ‘If I don’t do this now, I never will.’ Going full time was exactly what I needed to do in order to grow an even stronger platform.” Natalie said of making the jump to full-time blogger. “I think if you have a backup plan it inhibits your growth, BUT you need a good idea and solid foundation before you take that leap.”

So how does she do it?

Well first, she really cares about the cause.

“Our future generations depend on us enforcing sustainable business practices within every industry. Being that fashion is one of the most polluting, it needs to get with the program and quick.”

Second, camera work. (Kidding. Kind of.) Natalie takes almost all of her own photos using a tripod and remote. She uses Lightroom and plenty of natural light for her picturesque shots.

For any aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to take their business to the next level, Natalie says, “Go all in!” and for those of you just looking to improve your ‘gram, “A good photo needs a lot of natural light and a great lens. I use a 50mm – however, iPhones can take a pretty great shot, too.”

Check out sustainable brands you should know (hey, I see an underwear brand I recognize!) from Sustainably Chic and keep up with Natalie at



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