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Meet The Conservation Kid

He's younger than you, more socially conscious than you, and let's face it, probably cooler than you too. 

Meet Cashaka The Conservation Kid

A 9-year-old from Chattanooga, TN, Cash has loved fish and aquatic life since he was three. He spends a lot of time at his local aquarium and in his quest to know all he could about fish, Cash began to learn that some of our human habits aren't so great for the ecosystems fish call home.

"Learning about fish and wildlife has taught me how humans make it harder for them," Cash said, explaining where his passion for our waterways originated. "My mom started calling me The Conservation Kid to explain my interests to friends and it just kinda stuck." 

And Cash isn't one of those all-talk-no-action types. He's really out in his community doing his part (and bringing his parents along for the ride).

"My parents are learning with me. They have never really thought about a lot of things I do but they are super supportive and will help me do whatever I can to help the oceans and animals."

So Cash has helped his family reduce their footprint. He brings his own reusable straws to restaurants and their house uses very few plastic products, recycling the things they can. 

Cash also leads community-wide river clean-ups every month and attends them even more frequently. He's working to start his own business creating and selling straw pouches and cloth bags that make it easier for you to avoid plastics.

Feeling outdone yet? Don't worry. Cash has a few simple suggestions for you to help maintain our waterways, too.

The Conservation Kid's conservation tips:

1. Recycle

2. Don't use single-use plastics like plastic bags or straws

3. Avoid styrofoam cups because they don't break down and they can't be recycled


And while you're already saving the planet, check out the full line of Save the World underwear from Marc Skid. For every purchase of blue drawers, Marc Skid donates $4 to the conservation charity of your choice. #WinWin

Can't get enough of Cash The Conservation Kid? Follow him on Instagram and make sure to watch his segments from the local news!

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