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4 ways to recycle old wooden pallets

While we don't recommend doing DIY or construction projects in your undies, we are really into reducing, reusing and recycling wherever possible. These wooden pallet projects are an awesome way to upcycle what was once laying around as junk. 

But first: you can find pallets at garden or lawn shops. Definitely give finding them for free a try before you go online and buy them.

Make a vertical planter.

wooden pallet garden

This is a really cool way to bring some life to your patio - especially if you're working with a small space. And while we're at it with gardens...

Get busy with a garden bench.


This workspace is great for potting plants. And it'll look great as a decorative piece even when it's not in use. 

Pallet-ize your patio with a wooden chandelier

 pallet mason jar chandelier

This project may take a little more skill to complete, but imagine just how awesome it would be on a warm summer night. 

Chill out on your outdoor sofa.

 pallet outdoor sofa

Let's be honest here. This is SO cool. The cute cushions and indoor/outdoor pillows are a great touch, but the pallet frame itself is super impressive. 


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