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After three weeks of no mention in the media, the Amazon Rain-Forest fires are finally at the forefront. The Amazon produces 20% of the earth’s oxygen, and it’s burning to a crisp. In normal fashion when there is a crisis, social media explodes, and every celeb posts a speech about how the tragedy needs #prayers. While celebs’ posts about the fires do raise awareness, most go back to their half-naked photos and movie promotions promptly after their heartfelt posting. But what are these top 1% actually doing to help?

After some research it was difficult to find an actual post about actions the person was doing to help. Most were the same pictures of burnt forestry, usually accompanied by a caption with a few facts, and a statement shaming mankind. So, who is actually doing something?

  • Leonardo DiCaprio, famed for his conservationism, donated $5 million to Earth Alliance, a nonprofit that gathers scientists and conservationists to save the planet. Donate
  • Bethenny Frankel, a successful entrepreneur and the mind behind the Skinny Girl mega brand, and a former cast member on The Real Housewives of New York, pledged to charter a Supertanker. Frankel is active in charities, and frequently visits sites of devastation to which she brings supplies.
  • French President Emmanuel Macron urged leaders to discuss steps at G7 Summit in a tweet.

Countless celebs have posted about the fires, but the list of those acting to help is much smaller. When tragedy strikes, it is important that we not only raise awareness but act. Once the fires have gone, there will be another tragedy, and something new to hashtag. It is crucial that the cultural response towards crisis change from surveying to acting, always. Marc Skid is dedicated to making our MARC, always. With every transaction, for every pair, every day. For each pair of Blue Underwear sold, $4 is donated to charities working to better our earth. In fact, one of our 4 star charity partners is the Amazon Conservation Association . Marc Skid is made from the highest quality Pima Cotton on Earth and uses recycled plastics in its waist bands. To date, we have kept over 1,400 plastic bottles from landfills. Additionally, there are no GMOS and our product is USDA Organic.


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