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Marc Skid is dedicated to making our MARC. For every pair of Blue Underwear sold, $4 is donated to charities working to better our earth. Marc Skid is made from the highest quality Organic Pima Cotton on Earth; its waistbands are made from used recycled plastics. To date, over 1,400 plastic bottles have been kept from landfills. Additionally, there are no GMOS and our product is USDA Organic.
Not only do we strive to Make Our Marc, but we love to highlight other organizations doing the same!
Get the Word Out is a Non-Profit located in Maplewood, Missouri. Their products include items made in Africa, antiques, furniture, and other fun resale items. Not only do their products give back, but they are a green way to shop! We sat down with the founder Karen Smith to chat about the amazing work they do!
What inspired you to start GET THE WORD OUT?
My first trip to Kenya was my 50th birthday present from my husband who knew I wanted to go to Africa or Asia on a mission trip. We knew some people going to Kenya so I went with them. It was a life-changing trip, and I returned 6 months later with another group and two of my children. After the first trip, I encountered such widespread poverty and need. After the second trip, I experienced a little of the depth as well as the breadth of the need. After the second trip I knew that I wanted to help children. I took money to buy Bibles in Swahilil with me the first time (only enough for about 40) and the second trip we raised enough to buy 300 Swahili Bibles. I knew my mission right away was to take Bibles (the WORD) and so when the Lord gave us an opportunity to start a not-for-profit organization, that name was fitting. There are a lot of details between the first trip and the birth of the organization, but it was because of a focus on children and Bibles.
What part in the community does GTWO take?
In Kenya we are involved in caring for the medical needs of orphans and street children and
we help children go to school. But one of the BIGGEST needs is clean water. Children die from
cholera and typhoid, and women die in childbirth from dirty knives in delivery and lack of clean
surroundings. We have been able to get connected and raise funds to take clean water
filters to schools and villages. Clean water changes so much, and education gives every child an opportunity.
What are some specific examples of how GTWO has given back?
We also support those caring for children and have provided chickens, built chicken
houses, and helped start small businesses for self-sufficiency as our goal is not to provide for, but to enable the people there to get started and provide for themselves. They are a very creative people.
Where do you see GTWO in the next five years?
We hope to reach more people with clean water filters, and Bibles. Last October we took 5
Lifestraw Community Water Filters and this October we are on target for taking 16!
Thanks for the opportunity to share a little bit about what we are up to -- we welcome anyone interested in going or supporting us to contact us by email: or by phone: 314.504.4663.
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