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Being sustainable can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to demand a complete lifestyle change. Taking baby steps and making small adjustments can make a huge difference in the long run! There are so
many products on the market to help with a greener lifestyle, and a lot of these products will even save
you money!
Here are 5 no brainer products to jump start YOUR eco-revolution.
1. Marc Skid Underwear.
a. At Marc Skid, we use recycled plastics in the waistbands of our underwear, keeping
plastic out of landfills. Only the finest cotton in the world, Organic Pima Cotton, is used in our
product, making THE comfiest pair of undies you ever wore! If all that isn’t enough, for
every pair of underwear sold, $4 is given back to charities that specifically work to
protect and preserve the environment!
2. Reusable Beeswax Cling Paper
a. This is a great eco-friendly product that is green and will save you money! There are
different variations on the market but essentially they are cotton that has been coated
with beeswax and oils to make the most malleable possible surface!
3. Reusable Straws
a. Plastic Straws are among the many harmful plastics sitting in our landfills and oceans.
Many establishments are switching to straw free lids, or paper straws that are
biodegradable. However, these become soggy quickly, and aren’t the most pleasant
thing to sit in your favorite drink. Metal straws are easy to clean, stay cold in your drink,
and better yet, DON’T fall apart in your iced latte. If you are worried about a metal straw
cluttering your bag, they make reusable rubber straws as well, which can be easily
folded up and put in any pouch!
4. Shampoo bars
a. Plastic packaging is one of the main causes of pollution in our oceans and environment.
If you go through a bottle of shampoo, and a bottle of conditioner, and a bottle of body
wash once a month, over only one decade almost 400 plastic bottles will be used and
tossed out. Using bar hair and body products eliminates those plastics, and can last
much longer than a lot of gel products.
5. Tote bags
a. Using tote bags instead of plastic bags when shopping is a classic eco-friendly choice. What
seems like the most basic green choice is often overlooked. They are great for
groceries, but don’t forget to bring them along when shopping for clothing, books,
school supplies, your beeswax cling paper, reusable straws, and your shampoo bars!

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