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After you retire, watching your pennies is more important than ever. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your health and happiness. Read on as we explore how you can make the most of every bit of your hard-earned retirement.

Let’s Get Physical!

Physical activity is a must throughout life, but it’s particularly critical for seniors. In fact, BMJ Journals says exercise is “medicine for older adults,” helping them maintain independence and live longer than inactive counterparts. It keeps your heart stronger, mind sharper, and joints healthier. It can also help you sleep better, and might even ward off issues like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

If you’re ready to get more physical, consider picking up some inexpensive exercise equipment for home. Some resistance bands and a couple of dumbbells can be tucked out of sight when you aren’t using them, and they won’t stretch your budget.

You might also have another solution in the form of SilverSneakers. SilverSneakers is offered in fitness centers throughout the country, providing exercise programs designed especially for older adults. The best part? It’s free to seniors through many Medicare Advantage and Medigap plans, so check to see if you’re eligible.

Time for a Rub Down

After a good workout, there’s nothing like a great massage. You might even want to get some body work before you start a hard exercise routine. Massage can provide key therapeutic benefits to seniors, such as reducing pain and soreness, better quality sleep, and quicker healing. With that in mind, consider getting a good rub down now and then at a professional spa. To stretch your budget, ask around with area spas to see who offers senior discounts. Chances are you can find a spot that will give you a good deal!

Another idea is to set up a massage station at home. A massage chair can provide much needed relief, no appointment necessary! This can be a pretty pricey purchase, but if you browse online for massage chairs at stores like Rakuten, you can score discounts, free shipping, and even credit toward future purchases. If it’s still out of your budget, you can benefit from a massage cushion.

Good Night, Sleep Tight

Catching enough Zs can be tough for some seniors. If you’re someone who tosses and turns at night, unable to get comfortable or unable to quiet your mind, you’re not alone. According to, as much as 44 percent of older adults experience insomnia. You should aim for 7 to 9 hours of good quality sleep.

Of course, saying it and doing it aren’t the same thing. Exercising and getting a massage can help, but there are some other things you can do to improve your sleep quality, too. For instance, there are several sleep apps you can download that help you track your sleep and related habits, and that offer you tools for drifting off, like relaxing activities or sounds. Most of these apps are free or very inexpensive, so there is minimal (or no) impact on your budget.

If you continue to experience sleep troubles, check in with your doctor. Sometimes medications or physical conditions are the culprit, and your doctor can help address those issues.

Go Outside and Play!

How often do you linger outdoors? According to Nature Sacred, time spent in nature offers unique health benefits to seniors. Spending time in greenery, fresh air, and sunshine can lift your mood, reduce stress, and improve your mental sharpness. It’s a chance to reflect, stretch your legs, and even connect with friends. And on top of those benefits, it’s free!

You can even do a little gardening, which provides exercise, time outside, and the chance to indulge in homegrown produce. Veggie growing can be done in containers, which eases backs and joints, and seeds can be bought for a song. It’ll more than pay for itself between the health benefits of raising them and the healthful additions to your menu!

Watching your expenses can feel pretty restrictive. Don’t let retirement cut down your health and happiness! Get some exercise, enjoy a good rub down, sleep well, and spend time savoring nature. You’ll be able to make the most of every penny and every moment!

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