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How can we resolve to act in a way in 2020 that helps sustain our beloved Mother Earth? Marc Skid offers 5 easy New Year’s Resolution suggestions.
1)    Unplug when not using! Just pull a plug on an item that is not in use. Oddly enough, electronics use energy even when powered off -- IF plugged into a socket. This “vampire power” drains roughly $19 billion in energy in the United States per year.
2)    Cut back on meat eating. Even without going vegan or vegetarian, cutting back on eating animal products benefits the planet. After all, to produce just one pound of beef, 5,000 gallons of water is used – and the average American eats 8.5 ounces of meat every day.
3)    Drive less. Use public transit, bicycle, or walk when feasible. At the present time, public transit prevents 37 million tons of carbon emissions from polluting our air – let’s make it even more!
4)    Garden. Plants are wonderful absorbers of carbon dioxide so every green item planted helps Mother Earth. Cities tend to be “heat islands” due to vast areas of pavement and concrete but this can be pleasantly counteracted through trees and shrubs.
5)    Line Dry. Running a clothes dryer burns up energy about equal to turning on 225 light bulbs for an hour. By contrast, the old-fashioned line on which clothes and other items are dried is a beautifully earth-friendly way to get garments dry and smelling fresh.
The above are a few items you might consider for your New Year’s Resolutions because, if followed, they will help bring positive change not just to one’s own life but to that of the very planet on which will all depend for life! Make your Marc!

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