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How one company is making water bottle waistbands (and more)

Repreve by Unifi is reducing waste by recycling water bottles into fiber for fabrics.

Repreve, the world's leading recycled fiber, was founded in 2007 by its parent textile company, Unifi. The brand, which you have definitely come across before, has transformed more than 10 BILLION - yes, that's with a B - water bottles into recycled polyester - including in every waistband of Marc Skid underwear

That's right. Repreve fabric feels no different than standard polyester and is used in everything from clothes, shoes and bags to car seats and home furnishings. Unifi spent more than three years developing a product that would be a drop in replacement for the polyester you're used to - at a way lower cost to the environment.

Aside from turning waste into waistbands (and everything else), the production of Repreve uses 45% less energy and 20% less water than virgin polyester production. Plus, the Repreve recycling center was literally built with recycled materials and is partially powered by solar energy.

So, yeah, you bet big brands took notice. A high-quality, environmentally sustainable fabric with performance additions like moisture management, water resistance and stretchability? Game on. The long list of brands using Repreve includes giants like Nike, Ford, Target, Adidas, Levi's and Under Armour. 

 If, somehow, you're still not convinced, check out parent company Unifi's U Trust verification program of comprehensive certifications that show exactly what they're up to behind the scenes. 

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