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3 misconceptions about world hunger

Yes, it’s still a problem.

1. It seems like world hunger isn’t really a problem anymore.

Not true. Through the efforts of charities and organizations around the world, the problems of poverty and undernourishment are improving. But there is still a massive need for assistance. 66 million elementary school-aged children go to school hungry. 

2. The place that needs our help most is probably Africa.

Ehh, a good guess, but wrong. Though there are many undernourished people in Africa, by sheer numbers Asia has nearly twice as many undernourished and hungry.

3. I don’t have much money myself, so I can’t make a real difference.

False. 1 in 10 of the world’s population live under $1.90 per day. That means your Marc Skid purchase or any donation to charity can go a long way to helping those in need. It also means we’re much more fortunate than we realize. A gift you give could literally be life-changing for 767 million people around the world. 1 in 10. That’s basically one person on a baseball team.


Want to learn more about world hunger? Visit our charities The Hunger ProjectfeedONE, and Action Against Hunger online. 

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