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A better way to do better: Why Marc Skid's charity model works

There are tons of buy-one-give-one business models out there. Marc Skid is different. 

Though we support giving back in any way you can, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure you're making maximum impact when shopping around. 

Marc Skid is different than many other charitable business models in that you know exactly how much money your purchase generates for charity. When companies throw around percentages and loose terminology like "profit" (umm, paging your Econ professor: Gross or net??) it's hard to be sure just how much of your purchase goes toward actually helping charity.

Marc Skid strives to be as transparent as possible in our dealings. $4 of every single pair of underwear is donated to the charity of your choice. (P.S. - if you're wondering, that's 20%.)

And after all, in the right hands, funds are the most needed and valuable agent in making change happen. Money can mean vaccines, meals, or trees for planting. 

Plus, Marc Skid offers consumers something we all love - choices. First, you get to decide your cause (or your color). Blue undies help save the world, red cure the sick and green feed the hungry. Then, after you've decided you look best in red, you can choose which of the 4/4 star charities you want to donate to. 

That's the other thing - there's no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to charity. There are already plenty of awesome organizations out there doing great work. So Marc Skid selected the best of the best - those receiving 4/4 star ratings from Charity Navigator - to partner with. It just makes sense that together, Marc Skid and their partners can accomplish much more than apart. 

So go on, join the effort. Make your Marc! 

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