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  • Eco Warrior Princess
    • Eco Warrior Princess is a blog devoted to everything about well, being an Eco Warrior Princess. On the website it describes the site as --“Founded in 2010 by Jennifer Nini, a writer, activist, and certified organic farm owner, Eco Warrior Princess covers the topics that matter — environmental issues, conservation, sustainable fashion, conscious business, social justice, politics, feminism, eco beauty, wellness, green technology — in an analytical, intelligent, and honest way – without any of the BS.” This is the perfect tool for staying up to date and educated on the issues of today on a beautiful and easy to navigate platform!


  • Niomi Smart
    • Niomi is an England based influencer whose main platform is Youtube. As a plant based influencer, all of her meals are vegan. She features many “What I eat in a day videos” on her channel which give a realistic look into how to eat plant based in a day. In addition to her clean eating habits, she also incorporates exercise and activities into her day to day life. Her sweet demeanor isn’t patronizing or intimidating. Hopefully, you will leave her video feeling inspired, with new recipes under your belt, and motivation!


  • Kristen Leo
    • Kristen Leo is a sustainable fashion Youtuber! Her channel is extremely informative on the issue of sustainable fashion, and there are a substantial number of videos discussing how to navigate away from problematic brands. Pointing out brands that are not sustainable is important, but what makes Kristen special is that she then displays hauls and shop with me’s, featuring clothing that is sustainable. It helps to clearly show alternatives, to make your life easier as an eco-conscious consumer.


  • Carli Bybel 
    • Carli Bybel is an OG Youtube star. The beauty is based in New Jersey. Carli is a vegan, and only uses cruelty free products on her channel. It might interest you to know that Carli wasn’t always a vegan/cruelty free advocate. I find this actually very helpful, as she can give honest and relevant reviews and recommendations, since she knows the quality of both types of product. Carli even serves as an Ambassador for the Water and Healthcare Foundation, to which she donates the proceeds to a custom designed bracelet, making education possible for girls in Cambodia. 

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