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Each day we all wake up to what seem like the same stories. All bad news. A plethora of news outlets telling us we aren’t doing enough for the planet. Here at Marc Skid we use only organic pima, the world’s finest cotton, and is rarer than regular cotton, as well as recycled plastic in the waistbands of all our underwear. As we are taking strides to better the planet, here are 5 cities that are also taking big initiatives to better the plant and YOU can get involved!

St. Louis Big Green Challenge!


The Big Green Challenge is not only supporting our planet, but local businesses! It works as a competition, inviting local businesses to integrate sustainable practices into their processes. It offers resources such as workshops and marketing along the way! Get involved by supporting the companies participating!

Atlanta and Solar Energy!

Back in 2017, the city of Atlanta pledged that by 2035 it would exclusively use clean energy to power the city! Not only was this a pledge, it was passed into law. This is exciting not only for the earth, but for those looking to move into the field of producing clean energy. This motion will create new jobs and commerce for the city!

New York Incentives!

In addition to passing the New York “New Green Deal” in April 2019 which will reduce carbon emissions by 30% by 2030, there are also opportunities all over the New York area to go green! In some areas there are projects helping residents to renovate homes and landscapes using more green options to cut energy bills. Other communities are even offering tax incentives for implementing green practices!

Los Angeles Green Programs!

L.A. has a multitude of green programs to get involved in. Residents can get free trees to plant, and free sustainable showerheads and aerators. The city hosts classes and events on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle, as well as boasting many state parks in the areas to enjoy.

Dallas is User Friendly!

Knowing what your city is doing to make an impact can be a lot of grey space. The city of Dallas has a great and user-friendly website that can not only educate on every area of sustainability, but let you know what initiatives the city is taking in every category! The website encourages people to plant native plants to support the local environments. It also offers maps on alternate public transportation usage!

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