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The drugstore has long been a favorite for affordable beauty products. Just because some of these

products cut cost, doesn’t mean we want them to cut on performance or quality. And we ESPECIALLY

don’t want them to be bad for the environment, or have been tested on animals. Here are 5 bunny friendly brands

AND product recommendations from each.

  1. Wet and Wild.

-The days of our mothers' Wet and Wild is over. The brand has exploded and there are

now so many amazing products from which to choose. Our pick: Highlighters!! You really

cannot go wrong with a Wet and Wild mega-glo highlighter! With loose and pressed

formulas, get that guilt-free glow!

  1. NYX

-NYX is a cult fav and for good reason! Its product selection is endless, and now you

can pick up NYX products in CVS! Our pick: Lip Lingerie Liquid Lips! This product

comfortably stays all day long and has an endless nude color selection that is beautiful

and -- the best part -- INCLUSIVE!! Nude shades range from a pale pink all the way to a

deep brown, so finding your perfect nude lipstick is a breeze!

  1. Elf

-Elf has evolved into a beauty powerhouse, consistently delivering out of this world

products. What used to be a dollar store brand is now the go-to for women everywhere!

Our pick: Camo Concealer. This concealer will hide even the worst of sins and last all

day. Its been compared to some of the most popular high end concealers, and is very

budget friendly.

  1. Milani

- Milani is another brand that has always been a favorite. Its found in your local

drugstore, and its products have high performance and a feminine touch. Our pick:

Blush! Milanis blush line needs no introduction. The soft touch of color won't overwhelm

the look but will make you look flushed and healthy!

  1. Eco-Tools

-You can't complete a look without your tools! Eco tools is 100% vegan and found just

about everywhere that sells makeup. It is accessible and, better yet, quality! All the

brushes have soft bristles that won't scratch. There is no need to settle for cheap tools

that don’t do the job! Our pick: Beauty Sponge. This sponge is one of the best on the

market. The shape allows for the easiest application of makeup, its texture makes the

skin look airbrushed -- and for a fraction of the price of high end beauty sponges.

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