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Sustainability. It’s a word you have no doubt heard before. Everyone is talking about it. But the real question is, how do we take it from something in a casual conversation at lunch, to a real practice in everyday life? One of the biggest reasons the average person might have trouble with sustainable habits is knowing how to transition things in their life to a more eco friendly style. Here are 5 easy ways to practice sustainability in your wardrobe!

  1. Secondhand clothing! We all love to shop, but next time you decide to go shopping consider a secondhand shop. Thrift stores are a very popular way to shop these days, which means more and more people are donating as well as visiting the shops! Which means more and more goodies for you to find!
  2. Donating! My earliest memories of donating clothes involved my mom throwing all the clothes we outgrew into black trash bags that were never seen again. I may not have realized it then, when I was a kid, but donating unwanted clothes is a great way to easily practice sustainability. It even helps you to refresh your own space and stay more organized. 
  3. Repurposing! DIY is a great and fun way to give clothes you already own a new life. Changing buttons, hemming a dress, distressing an old pair of jeans are just a small example of ways to liven up your current wardrobe. 
  4. Capsule Wardrobes! Capsule wardrobes are the perfect solution for all you people out there who want a minimalistic approach to your wardrobe. They consist of a few pieces (mostly separates) that can be mixed and matched. This is a great solution if you are finding yourself overwhelmed with clothes you don’t ever wear and finding that trends that fade quickly just aren’t for you. Some of the most successful people can be seen implementing a version of this like the late Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. They make getting ready in the morning fast and headache free!
  5. Consume from Sustainable companies! By doing your research, and deciding to consume from sustainable companies, you are not only shopping green, but sending a message to the market and companies everywhere. You are letting them know that there is a demand for sustainable product, and that you want more options. A simple thought out purchase can effect change! 

Here at Marc Skid, we want to be part of that. All Marc Skid underwear is made with organic pima cotton, no GMOS, and $4 from every pair is given to Save, Feed, or Cure the world. Not to mention the waistbands are made from recycled plastic, keeping bottles from ending up in our oceans. Helping the planet and those on it doesn’t have to be hard: shop Marc Skid for a worry free experience.

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