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4 unique ways to show your love this Valentine’s Day

Spoiler alert: No, we’re not suggesting fancy chocolates, flowers or any lingerie for your Valentine’s Day plans. But thinking about underwear is heading in the right direction. 

Here are 4 unique ways to show your partner some love this Valentine’s Day. 

1. Make your undies match. 

What could possibly be cuter than sporting the same organic Pima cotton designer drawers as your sweetheart? It’s cheesy, it’s sweet and no, it’s not the same old, same old. Of course, we recommend the red cure-the-world Marc Skid undies, made from the world's top .0005% of cotton

2. Share your love with the world.

For a totally new date idea, create an account on a volunteer matching site. (No, not matching you with other charitable souls, but with volunteer opportunities. Though, a volunteer-based Tinder doesn’t seem like that bad of an idea.) Anyway, you’ll find organizations and events near you that suit your interests. It’s a good way to get you out of the house and giving back to your community. Go on, share the love. 

Double bonus if you volunteer while wearing your matching undies that feed, save or cure the world. Now that’s heartfelt. 

3. Create a labor of love. 

Take on a DIY project that upcycles or will help you live more sustainably throughout the year. Turn your old whiskey bottles into soap dispensers. Turn pallets into almost anything. Or, if you’re (much) less adventurous, but have already found yourself at the hardware store, just pick up LED bulbs and replace traditional ones to conserve energy year round and save money. 

4. Puppy love or bust.

Sign up to be a dog walker on apps like Rover or Wag and earn some extra cash while you spend the day with new furry friends. Or, if you’re really ready for commitment, apply to foster animals from your local shelter together. 

Whatever you do for your other half, make it meaningful. Spicing things up and showing you’re not #basic could make all the difference in your V-Day plans. 

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