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Yes, laughing is actually good for you. Here's why.

You know the cliche, "Laughter is the best medicine". Yeah, it's hard to believe. But! It is rooted in truth. (Mayo Clinic even says so.)

Here's what laughter truly does for your body.

Decreases stress.

A good laugh actually gets your stress response going and then slows it down, resulting in a relaxed feeling.

Boosts immunity. 

Laughing literally increases infection-fighting antibodies and immune cells.

Soothes tense muscles.

Circulation is improved by laughing, which aids in muscle relaxation that can last up to 45 minutes after a good laugh. 

Releases endorphins.

Yeah, you know the ones. Laughter can actually make your body create natural painkillers. 

Helps prevent heart disease.

Seriously - it improves blood vessel function and increases blood flow, protecting against heart attacks and other cardio issues. 


That's why brands like Marc Skid exist. Well, there's also the part about feeding, saving and curing the world through super comfy organic underwear, but it's all about being real and funny and transparent too.

"Brands should be more like the people we love," Dan Barry, founder of Marc Skid says. They should be able to laugh at themselves and have personality, but live with purpose. 

So go ahead, have a laugh at the cheeky name of the give-back underwear brand Marc Skid - it's good for your health. 

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