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Why gardening is bad a$$

It's not just your grandma's hobby. 

Gardening gets a bad rap, but when you think about it, it's a really cool concept.

You can literally sustain yourself.

Live off the land.

Create sustenance from what was once nothing.

But gardening also has a pretty cool history. During WW1, Europe's farmland and agricultural workforce all became products of the war. Crop fields turned into battlefields and workers were recruited to military service. People got hungry, fast. So the burden of feeding millions landed on the U.S. and it was up to citizens to step up. 

People were urged to use all idle land as gardens - backyards, school and company grounds, parks, vacant lots. The result? 1.45 million quarts of canned fruits and veggies. 

After the war, promotion of victory gardens dwindled, but many were maintained. So when WW2 came around, people from all over the country already knew the drill. And when so many crops were diverted to the military overseas that rations had to be imposed, there was even more incentive to start your own home garden.

By 1944, 20 million victory gardens produced 8 million tons of food. That's 40% of the fresh fruits and vegetables consumed that year. 

40%. Nearly HALF. 

Now that's bad a$$. So, yeah, go out and get your garden started this year. Because 'Merica. 


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