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The 5 best ways to make your holiday more sustainable

In a season full of stress, it can be tempting to slack on your sustainable lifestyle in favor of easier options. But trust us, making green choices doesn't have to be hard. And you can feel good knowing you're doing your part to save the earth for holidays to come. 

Follow these 5 easy tips to make your holiday season more sustainable.

1. Recycle that wrapping.

Did you know most wrapping paper isn't recyclable? Opt for options like newspaper or recycled paper bags. Or take it up a notch with brown kraft paper that's super trendy and looks great when you accent it with twine or a bow. 

2. Go on dark mode.

When outfitting your tree or house with lights, choose energy-saving LEDs. They'll last longer and save money on your electric bill. Speaking of saving -- plan to put your lights on a timer so they're not on all day (or night). 

3. Get natural beauty.

Pine cones, holly and pine boughs are all great Christmas decor that you can find right outside. No cost and no carbon footprint!

4. Give back. 

 Donate out-grown coats, clothes, or unused gifts you just found while making room for new stuff. When items' lives are extended this way, they stay out of landfills and the environmental impact of their production is lessened. 

 5. Gift local.

Instead of going wild on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, shop locally for gifts. The miles saved when products don't have to ship great distances reduces air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Plus, when you shop at small business or craft fairs, you're sure to find completely unique gifts. 

BONUS: Gift back. 

If you want to combine shopping at small businesses and giving back, consider brands like Marc Skid organic underwear. Every pair of Marc Skid underwear purchased donates $4 to the charity of your choice. That $4 can go a long way to making the world a better place - it can plant four trees, vaccinate two children or feed 12 kids in the developing world. Plus, the organic Pima cotton undies are sustainably sourced and purposefully made

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