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Charity spotlight: The Hunger Project

It starts with women. That's the idea behind The Hunger Project’s programs throughout Africa, South Asia and Latin America. In fact, it’s the first of their three pillars that form the foundation for each of the 16,075 communities the organization aids:

  1. Empower women as key agents of change
  2. Mobilize communities into self-reliant action
  3. Foster effective partnerships to engage local government

In general, The Hunger Project initiates campaigns against early marriage and violence against women, education programs for nutrition and sanitation and income-generating activities for communities in need. It’s their belief that by pioneering sustainable, women-centered strategies, we can put an end to poverty and hunger.

But a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t The Hunger Project’s strategy. In fact, their aid is very different around the world, ensuring they have the greatest impact in each community they work in.

For example, in eight African countries, The Hunger Project employs an Epicenter Strategy, clustering villages into epicenters where women and men create and run their own development programs, reaching 1.6 million people.

In India, their goal is to empower women elected to local government. Those elected women lead 14.3 million people.

In Mexico and Peru, they focus on community development to reduce childhood and maternal malnutrition in more than 21,000 people.

But there’s more to love about The Hunger Project. They’ve received a 4/4 star rating from Charity Navigator, the world’s premier charity ranking system. That means they’re among the best of the best in financial responsibility and transparency.

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