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Charity spotlight: Concern Foundation

Concern Foundation is a volunteer-driven organization focused on making sure their dollars count in the fight against cancer. An organization that began with 15 Los Angeles couples coming together to help their friend, Beverly Wolman, battle cancer, has now donated more than $60 million to over 750 cancer researcher projects.

Despite their reach, Concern Foundation now employs just 4 full-time team members. This helps them keep operating costs low so that donors' dollars are being used as efficiently as possible. Jena Brown, Director of Development & Outreach, is one such employee. She was driven to get involved with Concern Foundation because she believes in their mission.

“Cancer is a disease that affects us all. We all have loved ones who have had or will have cancer, and it’s a terrifying and sometimes heartbreaking thing for families to have to experience. That said, we need to understand why and how it spreads, how to prevent it and how best to treat it. That’s why the immunology research that Concern Foundation funds is so important. It’s our biggest hope if we want to beat this disease.”

That’s another thing that makes Concern Foundation so different – they focus on funding young researchers with new, breakthrough ideas. In general, there’s a gap in research funding before scientists qualify for NIH government grants, but it’s imperative that this early research is funded. Otherwise, new discoveries wouldn’t be possible.

And of course, like all Marc Skid’s partner charities, Concern Foundation is rated 4 out of 4 stars by Charity Navigator. They promise that a whopping 90 - 95% of your donation goes straight to funding research. That’s incredible.

If you’re ready to start making your Marc on the world, choose a red pair of Marc Skid underwear and select Concern Foundation as your charity of choice at checkout.

“Sometimes people don’t know where to start, or they think they as an individual can’t make a difference. But companies like Marc Skid allow all of us to find easy, affordable ways to leave a positive impact, simply by being a conscious consumer. Plus, we all need underwear.” - Jena Brown

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