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Charity spotlight: Action Against Hunger

For nearly 40 years, Action Against Hunger has been leading the charge against hunger. Their 6,500 staff members assist more than 14.7 million people (ahem, that's more than triple the population of LA) in 50 different countries, helping communities prosper with food and clean water. To do so, they're developing revolutionary nutrition products and helping small-scale farmers increase production to battle malnutrition and drilling and decontaminating wells for safe water. 

But there are scary numbers, too. Nearly half of all child deaths are from causes related to undernutrition. And 1/3 of children in low- and middle-income countries suffer from chronic undernutrition. That includes places you might not expect, like Fiji, Jamaica and China.

Perhaps the worst part? Undernutrition is predictable, preventable and treatable.

So why is it such a rampant issue? It's a vicious cycle. Hungry mothers deliver babies who are underweight. Those babies likely grow up with hunger, which affects their brain development and results in malnourished adults who start the cycle all over again. That's why Action Against Hunger will soon be working with peer educators in areas like Senegal to teach about the benefits of birth spacing and the importance of healthy habits during pregnancy.

If you're ready to do your part in the fight against hunger, you're in luck. $45 - that's what, one date night? - can provide a child with life-saving treatment.  

And speaking of dollars, you know yours is used wisely when donated to Action Against Hunger. In 2016, $0.93 of every dollar donated was put toward program activities. That's why they've been rated 4/4 stars by Charity Navigator for 10 years in a row. 

Ballin' on a budget trying to make every penny count? We get it. Pick out a new pair of underwear, throw out those old holey ones (your mom will thank us) and automatically donate $4 of your purchase in the process. 

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