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5 give-back gifts to make everyone feel good

Like it or not, the holidays are almost upon us. And yes, that means it’s time to start shopping. But if you’re looking for someone who has everything or a gift that really has an impact, look no further. These 5 giving-back gifts will help change the world and check someone off your list.

1. Marc Skid underwear

A new player in the give-back game, Marc Skid is an underwear brand that lets you dictate where your donation goes. Currently partnering with 9 charities across 3 platforms, Marc Skid aims to feed, save and cure the world - one pair of undies at a time. It works by choosing your color and then selecting one of the charities associated with that platform. $4 from each pair’s purchase is donated to your selected charity, and you (or your gift’s recipient) get to throw out an old pair. (You know, the ones with the hole in them.

2. Newman’s Own Foods

Started in 1982, Newman’s Own has always donated 100% profits to charity. That means they cover all their business expenses with revenue from sales, but every penny of profit is put into the Newman’s Own Foundation and donated to charity. So what can you gift? Really, anything. From salad dressing to homemade almond fruit pudding to bottles of wine, you can please almost anyone.

3. Bombas socks

Feel-goods for your feet, Bombas socks are a one-for-one charity. When you buy one pair of socks, one pair is donated. (These are our favorites for your guy and your girl.) Rooted in the fact that socks are the most requested item at homeless shelters, Bombas is working to ensure everyone’s toes are warm this winter.

4.TOMS shoes

You had to know Toms would make the list. Another foot-related one-for-one business, Toms donates shoes for each pair you buy. (But you probably already knew that.) But did you know they’ve upped their style game? No longer just canvas shoes, you can get anything from boots to bags or even sneakers.

5. FEED bags

After traversing the world with World Food Programme (WFP) and seeing the effects of hunger worldwide, Lauren Bush Lauren founded FEED. The brand aims to aid in the fight against hunger in a tangible way. And maybe the coolest part? Every product is labeled with the number of meals or micronutrients provided with its purchase. Get shopping!

Still haven't found quite what you're looking for? Check out some of our other favorite give-back brands.

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