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Who the heck is Marc Skid?

You found us here, but what’s the deal?

Marc Skid is an eco-friendly underwear brand that features the world’s finest organic cotton and gives back to people around the world. It’s our belief that something as simple as high-quality underwear can make a difference in the world.

And that’s what Marc Skid is all about. We’re just everyday people helping people help people. We believe anyone can make a difference in the lives of thousands across the globe just by wearing undies.

Okay, okay. But who’s this Marc guy?

Marc is actually an idea drinked up by two buddies while kicking back and sharing some brews. (So, no, he’s not a real person.) The belief was and still is that brands should have the ability to laugh at themselves, but display strong character and live with purpose. By designing a great pair of underwear — an essential for almost everyone — and ensuring that with every purchase we give back $4 per pair to global charities, we’ve built a brand that does just that.

Here at Marc Skid, “Make Your Marc on the World” is a call to action. And we believe there are people out there who share our passion for changing the world — one pair of undies at a time. Marc’s commitment to every customer is to facilitate your desire to help Cure those who are ill, Feed those who are hungry and Save our beautiful world.

So how does it work?

First, pick your pair(s)!

Every pair of Marc Skid underwear is made with organic Pima cotton and a recycled plastic water bottle. (Yeah, how cool is that?)

To choose your charity, first pick your color.

  • To fund a platform that saves the world pick blue.
  • To cure the world, try red.
  • To feed the world, choose green.
  • If you need tighty-whities, pick white and you can have your choice of any charity!

Then, select one of the charities we’ve partnered with related to your choice.

For example, if you’re buying blue to save the world, your proceeds can be donated to Amazon Conservation Association, Carbon Fund or — all of which are 4/4 star charities according to Charity Navigator.

And voila! Change the world.

When your undies arrive, be sure to use the hashtag #MadeMyMarc on social media!

And there you have it. Go forth and make your Marc on the world!

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