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“I started Marc Skid because I believed that brands should be more like the people we love in life. I think it's universal that we are drawn to people with a sense of humor, who are purposeful in their lives, and who have strong character. The brand's call to action is "Make Your Marc on the World." Inspired by our motto, I strived with everything about the brand to help make the world a better place. I had some inclination about many aspects of the brand -- using organic Pima cotton and giving a helping hand to those in need and to our beautiful world. However, one thing I did not know is that water bottles are just polyester in a different form. Although it costs more, to stay true to my mission, I decided to use upcycled water bottles for my waistbands. Having come from the corporate world, I know most corporations will not incur additional cost unless demanded by consumers. Do you want to Make a Marc on the World? One way is to demand that we first use upcycled plastic before we make any new plastic. To help, I want to introduce you to companies doing great things. I encourage you to vote with your purchases. Together we can Make a Marc on the World!”

         Founded in 2009 in Florence, Italy, WeWOOD creates fashionably eye-catching wristwatches made from wood. Like Marc Skid, WeWOOD is a company with a conscience as WeWOOD works with non-profit organizations such as Trees for the Future and American Forests to have a tree planted for every WeWOOD watch sold. Since its founding, WeWOOD has been responsible for planting well over 400,000 trees and has set a goal of planting over one million trees.

         The WeWOOD website boasts that the wristwatches it manufactures are “completely free of toxic and artificial materials.” It also states, “Inspired by the beauty of the Tuscan territory, WeWOOD timepieces reflect the great cultural and artistic heritage of Florence.” Beige wristwatches are created from maple, nut-colored from walnut, chocolate-colored from Indian Rosewood, army green from verawood, and black from African Blackwood.

Being made of wood, the wristwatches are as lightweight as they are attractive. Indeed, satisfied WeWOOD customers tend to comment on this quality. “I got this watch as a surprise for my husband and he (and I) absolutely love it,” one enthusiastic WeWOOD customer stated. “It is incredibly lightweight.” Another remarked, “Not only is it a lightweight watch, but it is extremely smart-looking.”

         Wristwatches are its main game but WeWOOD also makes and sells eyeglasses. Its spectacles use a new technology that creates eyeglasses from cotton fibers. No fossil fuels are used in the manufacture of WeWOOD eyeglasses. That they are made from cotton fibers means that these eyeglasses are waterproof as well as strong and durable. WeWOOD’s beautiful and environmentally-friendly products may be viewed at

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