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Start saving the world in your backyard with composting

Hoping to garden this summer? You can improve your soil, reduce your impact and save money -- with just one concept. Composting. 

It's true. Composting is super easy and great for the environment. You're probably already recycling (and if you're not, come on, it's not hard), so this is an easy next step to reduce your contribution to landfills.

How does it work? Well, simply start collecting kitchen waste like egg shells, tea bags, fruit and veggie skins and coffee grounds in a compost pile outside. You can also add weeds, leaves and garden waste from outside. 

Then... You wait. Keep adding to the top of your pile, but in about a month the bottom should be decomposed into dark, fertile compost. You can spread this rich fertilizer onto your lawn, house plants and flower and veggie gardens to help whatever you're growing... grow better. The compost provides organic matter and nutrients that help improve yields. 

It's also a good practice to get into because of how much it can reduce your household waste. About 30% what you throw away can actually be composted. It also reduces the water necessary to keep your garden hydrated because of the way compost helps soil retain its moisture. And of course, it can save you dough since you won't be relying on chemical fertilizers.

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