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How to make purchases with a purpose

These days, it’s cool to be environmentally conscientious.  That’s because people are finally starting to realize that caring about the earth is important and that in order to have generations of world-changers after us, the earth has to be a livable planet. That is why so many consumers are turning to eco-friendly brands for peace of mind that the products they are purchasing are working towards this greater good of sustainability and not adding to the many problems already present in this day and age.

Here at Marc Skid, we share in this mission. Our eco-friendly underwear are not only super comfy (which they totally are, if you haven’t tried a pair yet…what are you waiting for?!) but they also give back. For every pair purchased, we donate $4 to the charity associated with that color, we have 4 options so you can choose whether to Feed, Save or Cure the world! The charities are focused on providing drinkable water, reducing carbon dioxide levels, nature conservation, funding for medicine and medical care to ending hunger and undernourishment around the world.

The best part? We aren’t the only brand working to save the world and continue these important conversations, not even close. Check out these killer publications and blogs that are doing their part to promote change. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something you’ve been missing in your life.

The Curious Button: A conscious lifestyle blog that focuses on how to find ethically made clothing, while still keeping in mind the latest trends. With its Top 10 Modern, Ethical Brands post, The Curious Button makes dressing in the latest fashions while still being mindful of where/how the clothes are made easy!

The Good Trade: This online publication has everything you could need. From advice about how to be a conscious traveler this summer to highlighting truly organic and healthy meal delivery services and everything in between. This website focuses on providing links, ideas and continued conversation about everything involving modern green lifestyles. Looking for a new yoga mat? It has a brand for you. What about less harmful cleaning products? It can help with that too.

Moral Fibres: An eco blog that strives to make “sustainable living hip, not hippie”.  It includes all the facets of everyday life and works to debunk the myths about sustainable living, like affordability and accessibility

Sustainably Chic: This blog is a one-stop shop with its conveniently titled Brands To Love section. Find everything you need (while also getting some exclusive deals) from men, women and children’s apparel, to jewelry, shoes and everything in-between!

There are many more publications and websites promoting ethical brands and products. Here is a small sample of them in a list we’ve created.

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