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How the world's rarest cotton is cultivated

 It's good to be rare. And unique. That's why Marc Skid underwear is made with only the world's finest organic Pima cotton -- 0.0005% of all cotton produced in the world. 

But being rare isn't easy. In this case, it takes extraordinary amounts of work from Peruvian farmers who use only the best growing practices. So as we approach National Farmer's Day, here's our salute to those in agriculture across the world who keep us fed and clothed and a special look into our organic Pima cotton's growing process. 


Pima cotton or the "cashmere of cotton" refers to cotton with extra long fibers. It's widely renowned as the best because of the softness and durability the fibers create. This prized cotton makes up less than 2% of the world's cotton, making it extremely rare. There is even less Pima cotton grown organically, meaning Marc Skid underwear uses literally the best (and most sustainable) cotton you can buy.


The cotton used in Marc Skid underwear is grown in Peru where there is a regulatory ban on GMO seeds. This means there is little to no chance of accidental contamination with genetically modified seeds, holding your undies to the highest organic standard. 

Growing practices

After organic cotton is planted on the family farms that produce Marc Skid's infamous fabric, it is raised in an environment free of herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Instead, farmers use practices like crop rotation, intercropping and weeding to achieve the same results. 

Now that's going out of your way to grow a quality product.


When the cotton is ready for harvest, instead of using combines or other machinery, Marc Skid farmers hand pick their harvest, reducing the environmental impact of growing and improving the quality of the product. 

Sustainable promise

Marc Skid cotton is also Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) Certified, meaning you can be sure that in every stage from pre-production to packaging to labeling to export to import to distribution, only the most sustainable and environmentally friendly practices are used. 

To learn more about where Marc Skid sources our organic Pima cotton, read up on our partners at Bergman Rivera

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