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I started Marc Skid because I believed that brands should be more like the people we love in life. I think it's universal that we are drawn to people with a sense of humor, who are purposeful in their lives, and who have strong character. The brand's call to action is "Make Your Marc on the World." Inspired by our motto, I strived with everything about the brand to help make the world a better place. I had some inclination about many aspects of the brand -- using organic Pima cotton and giving a helping hand to those in need and to our beautiful world. However, one thing I did not know is that water bottles are just polyester in a different form. Although it costs more, to stay true to my mission, I decided to use upcycled water bottles for my waistbands. Having come from the corporate world, I know most corporations will not incur additional cost unless demanded by consumers. Do you want to Make a Marc on the World? One way is to demand that we first use upcycled plastic before we make any new plastic. To help, I want to introduce you to companies using 100% upcycled plastic to create their products. I encourage you to vote with your purchases. Together we can Make a Marc on the World!


       The Allbirds website notes, “By simply existing in this world, we all create a carbon footprint. It happens when we take a shower, charge our cell phone, and let out a yawn after a long day.” Allbirds continues that the problem is that “the more carbon that is in our atmosphere, the more our planet warms.” Thus, it is vital to reduce our carbon footprints. There are many ways to do this. Allbirds is helping do it through a company dedicated to footwear that strives to be as environmentally friendly as its products are comfy.
       Tim Brown was born and bred in New Zealand where he became familiarized with the plush comfort offered by Merino wool, the wool that comes from the Merino sheep breed. The Allbirds website relates that he became curious as to why “such a remarkable, sustainable resource was virtually absent from the footwear industry.” He began researching footwear and the materials used for it. Then Brown teamed up with engineer and renewables expert Joey Zwillinger. The two men worked together to create what the Allbirds website boasts is “a revolutionary wool fabric made specifically for footwear.” So confident is Allbirds in the comfort afforded by its shoes that it makes this offer: “Give our shoes a shot for 30 days, and if you’re not walking on cloud nine, we’ll take them back – no questions asked.” The company’s commitment to doing its part for the planet even shows in its packaging that is uses “90% post-consumer recycled cardboard that serves as a shoebox, shopping bag, and mailer all in one.”
       A major goal of Allbirds is “going carbon neutral for our entire supply chain.” For the carbon it emits, “from the sheep on our farms to the lightbulbs in our headquarters,” Allbirds will try to take carbon out of the atmosphere. One action will be “purchasing credits from third-party verified emissions reductions projects,” popularly called “carbon offsets.” These projects include such things as protecting trees and building wind energy systems.
       Like Marc Skid, Allbirds places a premium on doing good for its clients by crafting a comfortable product and doing good for the world through socially conscious charitable giving.
       Allbirds sells shoes for both genders and all ages. It also sells socks. Potential clients can visit online at, email, call 1-888-963-8944, or text 1-814-251-8944.

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